The Neptune Fountain is an iconic marble fountain representing Neptune, god of the sea, holding a trident and a coiled serpent. Walk around the fountain and see the water coming out of the dolphins and other marine animals pulling their floats, and appreciate the architecture and culture surrounding the sculpture.

The magnificent Neptune Fountain, crowned with a statue of the ancient god of the seas, is located in Plaza Cánovas del Castillo. This fountain was built by order of King Carlos III in 1780-1784, almost at the same time as the no less famous Plaza Cibeles fountain. The sculptor Juan Pascual de Mena created this monument according to the sketches of the great Spanish architect of the 18th century, Ventura Rodríguez. Originally the monument was located elsewhere, but in 1898 it was erected in the center of Plaza Cánovas del Castillo.

The main figure of the fountain is a statue of the ancient Roman god, patron saint of the seas of Neptune, made at full height. The representation of Neptune holds a snake and a trident and stands on a shell-shaped cart driven by dolphins and a pair of horses. Around the float of dolphins and fish there are fountains that shoot water at a great height.

Completed in 1786, this statue has been used for various political demonstrations, and is also where the victories of the Atlético de Madrid Football Club are celebrated.
Address: Plaza Canovas del Castillo, s / n, 28014 Madrid, Spain