Gran Vía is one of the most important commercial areas of the city. It also has a large number of hotels, in addition to being full of cinemas, theaters, restaurants, cafes, etc ... which has made it one of the most popular avenues for passers-by. But what makes this street so special is the architectural design of many of the great buildings. As you walk down this crowded street, be sure to look out from time to time and admire the large, often lavishly decorated "buildings". Every weekend the Gran Vía in Madrid, either in the cold winter months or in the scorching summer months. People are always out and enjoying themselves on this street.

It has become a tourist attraction for the architecture of the buildings on this street. The plan to create this street was devised in the mid-19th century due to the decision of the urban planners to have a road, which can connect Calle de Alcalá with Plaza de España. But to execute the plan, the demolition of many buildings in the area was required. Due to this problem, the idea couldn't take off until 1904, when the plan was finally approved.

Madrid's Gran Vía is definitely a must-see in the capital of Spain. Until recently, Madrid was not a city of very tall buildings or skyscrapers. Lately, this has been changing
in the area of ​​Paseo de la Castellana and Plaza de Castilla, but recently, the tallest buildings were on Gran Vía coming to tell a story. And a great beauty.
The Gran Vía street is a showcase of the wonderful architecture of the early 20th century and a place that you should definitely visit in Madrid. As a great cosmopolitan city, Madrid has many things to offer. The famous bullfights, the flamenco dances and the beautiful gardens can be charming for tourists.