Sun Gate Square  is the central square of Madrid and one of the most famous places in the capital. This lively Plaza de Madrid is a short walk from the no less famous Plaza Mayor. Originally the Puerta del Sol was a section of the city gate to the east and was decorated with an image of the sun. Hence the generally unique name of the plaza: Puerta, la puerta, and Sol, el sol (usually called the Plaza instead of Puerta in Spain). The fortress was destroyed in 1570 due to the need to expand the city, but the name Puerta del Sol has been preserved until today.
The square is oval in shape and is surrounded by 18th century buildings. Ten important streets in the city converge here, including Calle Arenal, Calle de Alcalá, Calle Mayor and Calle Preiados. Each of these ten streets is worth a separate ride. The Puerta del Sol is never empty, it is always noisy and lively. Near the square you will find antique shops, modern brand name boutiques and large shopping malls.
Once there was a wall with a door, but it was demolished in 1521 by order of the Spanish King Carlos I. In Puerta del Sol there are buildings from the 18th-19th centuries, which as if they were transferred to the past, there is a sculpture of the "Bear and strawberry tree "- considered the symbol of Madrid, this statue weighs 20 tons and bears the design of a bear eating the fruits of a strawberry tree. This great statue found in the streets of this dazzling place is made of bronze. It was considered as a sign of protest against the French empire. At the post office there is the main clock in Spain, which marks the beginning of the New Year, as well as "kilometer zero" - the place from which the count of road distances in the country begins.
The post office is now used as a meeting place for the community of Madrid. This post office produced the first Spanish stamp here. The south side of the plaza is adorned with the statue of Carlos III of Spain, installed on site in 1997. The statue is located exactly on the opposite side of the post office building. Located in the center of Madrid, Spain, you can reach Puerta del Sol in half an hour by car from Madrid-Barajas airport.