It is considered one of the best places in Spain that enjoys being a vibrant city with precision in its design with the wonderful architecture that characterizes it, it is famous for being a home to the rich and famous because it provides them with an international atmosphere and Andalusian history well preserved by its location beside the Mediterranean.

This resort is home to the wealthy who want to spend summer and weekly holidays with fine dining and purchasing needs from international stores and high-level hotels with millions of beautiful yachts, the ancient historical ancient city is the hidden jewel of Maripa which is characterized by ancient architecture with some narrow and paved street mazes Pebble with impressive white houses and some beautiful courtyards decorated with fountains.

It also provides some of the mountain ranges, the most famous of which are the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which are characterized by abundant icy snow.
That is why Costa del Sol is very popular with travelers in the recent period, where millions of tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the unique coastline, and it is also home to many golf courses. Summer holidays have become the most popular in the past twenty years, so it has more Of 60 golf courses, all of them are top notch.
There are many things that a visitor can do, thanks to its large and wide coastline, which gives tourists an opportunity to do many water activities, including surfing, diving, and watching dolphins and whales.

This region is characterized by the presence of sunlight, which reaches 325 days a year, so there is no bad time for visits throughout the year.
The picturesque white villages located in the Pueblos Blancos resort are one of the traditional Andalusian landmarks that were preserved at the time. They are the most popular holiday destinations on the Costa del Sol, and they are popular and preferred by many visitors due to its excellent beaches that reach 9 km, in addition to the presence of wonderful restaurants that It offers visitors great places and seafood, as this wonderful tourist destination features some of the trendy shops and international business with some varied and different restaurants that appeal to all visitors.

There is also one of the soft golden beaches that extend for miles supported by a corniche full of diverse restaurants, shops and commercial centers, as can discover the culture in Malaga, Picasso's birthplace with an art scene and ancient historical museums, and the visitor gets the opportunity to stroll on the port of Puerto Banus with eating from some International restaurants and shopping among the best brands and brands.