Barcelona is one of the most important cities in Spain and the most  highest  of population, located in the northeast of Spain and is the capital of Catalonia, there are many different kinds of beaches that attract tourists from all over the world as it overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

Statistics are presented on many dimensions of quality of life , it ranks fifth as the best city in the world, and it is one of the smart cities that have the best living and life as it is one of the first cities to enjoy an economic and commercial life, as it has the largest football club in the world, which is FC Barcelona, ​​where it comes it millions of fans from all countries of the Arab and European world.

As for its climate, being overlooking the Mediterranean Sea makes it characterized by a moderate atmosphere in all four seasons. In summer, it has a warm atmosphere, while July and August are hotter and drier. In winter, it is very cold and rain falls. January is one of the coldest months of winter in it.

Barcelona contains many nationalities who reside in it, it has been discovered that more than of its population, and the official language spoken by its residents are two Catalan, Spanish and also English and widely spread among most of its residents, especially in the tourism, commercial and international sectors.

As for its economy, it is distinguished and strong, and it tops the economy of the entire European Union, which participates and supports greatly in the economy of Spain, where Barcelona depends on building its economy on the education sector, tourism, and health services.

Spain is famous for having many distinctive tourist hotels to receive tourists and visitors from all over the world at a high level of services and different sites from the Catalan city near the corduroy and vital places in the most famous streets of Barcelona.