Jaca is a city in Aragon. More as a stopping point than a destination, Jaca sees its fair share of travelers heading to the Pyrenees, in summer or winter. With a constant flow of tourists passing through it, the city has more than its share of restaurants, cafes and hotels, and it is a comfortable place to stop in northern Spain. Jaca is also an important garrison city for the Spanish army.

The Hidden Valley:

Jaca - Borau Valley - Aísa - Jasa - Aragüés A beautiful valley that is part of the most important natural reserve in the Aragonese Pyrenees. Most of the towns have a strong cattle tradition that has determined the local architectural style.



A picturesque town with mountain architecture. The chapel of San Adrián de Sasabe, in the Lombard Romanesque style, is all that remains of the monastery that housed the Aragonese bishops at the time of the Arab invasion. The Holy Grail was here. Aísa A typical mountain village with impressive views over the Aspe massif. Nearby are the towns of Esposa and Sinués, famous for their typical dance with scarves, ribbons and canes. A walk through attractive landscapes leads to other towns in the valley such as Lastiesas and those of Solana de Jaca.


An interesting town with an 18th century church built in various stages.