Like the heart and soul of Andalusia, Seville has an abundance of Spanish restaurants, renowned for their authentic local food. However, the gastronomic scene in the city is diverse.

Spanish culinary traditions vary greatly from region to region, and Andalusia is no exception. Strongly influenced by the Arab East for many decades, the locals have created their own cuisine, original and memorable.


In Seville, the best culinary experience is the Jewish quarter, Judería. There are many small restaurants, ready to treat the customer with hearty dishes. Next, we will tell you where to eat succulently and economically in Seville and what dishes would be worth trying.



The most interesting dish invented in Andalusia is gazpacho, a cold soup made from some strange ingredients: it is made from tomatoes, olive oil and garlic. It turns out, in fact, quite a bit of mashed potatoes, and not soup in the traditional sense for a Russian resident, and coming across such a "soup" at first doesn't whet your appetite. So, of course, the gazpacho is worth trying, and the attitude towards it changes: it is not for nothing that all connoisseurs of the culinary business recognize this cold puree soup as one of the most delicious characteristics of Andalusia.

Chickpeas With Spinach:

There may not be many vegetarian tapas on this list, but the traditional combination of spinach and chickpeas had to make the cut. The recipe has roots in the Moorish and Jewish history of Seville, being an example of how well the most humble ingredients are combined and cooked in Andalusian cuisine. Usually served with a slice of fried bread, a decent-sized plate of this Sevillian vegetable food will satisfy even the most dedicated carnivores.

French toast:

French toast is usually made from stale bread that is soaked in beaten eggs before being fried. Then they are covered with sugar syrup, honey or sugary milk. In Seville, they are eaten in pastry shops mainly at Easter. However, many restaurants realize that they make a fantastic dessert all year long, especially with ice cream!