In Seville you can see the famous futuristic center Metropol Parasol, better known as the Setas de Sevilla, built in Plaza Encarnación in 2011.
The entire complex can probably only be photographed with a drone, because it is so large. Six strange mushrooms 28 meters high merge with the hats and form a single airspace. The people of Seville treat it differently: some resent the modern building, outraged by the contrast with the historic center, others pride themselves on the interesting architectural design, because in addition to the unusual shape, the building is unique for being the wooden structure biggest in the world! Yes, yes, it is an air grille made entirely of lacquered birch veneers and connected by difficult knots.

Inside the four-storey complex there is an archaeological museum with Roman antiquities and blackberries found during the excavations, a market and terraces with viewpoints that can be accessed for 3 euros.

The Mercado de la Encarnación was in the square for many years, and is now part of the Seville Setas complex. The rows of shops are located at street level where the generous gifts of the Andalusian land are sold: cheese, olive oil, fruit, farm vegetables, meat and fresh fish, among other local delicacies.

The space above the market is reserved for public events: exhibitions, concerts and shows, film screenings and sports.
The streets and shops nearby sell souvenirs in the form of bulls. This is probably in honor of local tradition and popular fun - bullfighting.
Address: Pl. De la Encarnación, s / n, 41003 Seville, Spain