Even just for its backdrops, Granada is worth visiting, it is located in front of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. But Granada also has a special history. It was the last bastion of the Islamic caliphate that extended through much of southern Spain, being finally conquered in 1492.

It was the defense of Islamic Spain that led to the construction of Granada's main attraction - the Alhambra. This hilltop complex of gardens, palaces and fortifications is one of the world's great attractions.
A comfortable bed

The dream stay, which is booked weeks in advance, is the parador within the Alhambra complex. It is an old monastery, blessed with sumptuous gardens of its own, a runaway inner courtyard, and beautiful wood and stone work. It is the type of place where proposals are made. The doubles start from 187 euros.

Furthermore, the Hotel Gar-Anat is one of several riad-style hotels in historic buildings. But this shit on the charm. Sumptuous wood carvings, walls with quotes from Granada poets painted on them, and a gigantic metal "wishing tree" centerpiece on which guests can leave comments are some of the delightful oddities. The doubles cost from 119 euros.

Las Monjas del Carmen are in this classic territory of "they will not excite anyone, but they will not disappoint anyone." But it is comfortable, it has standard sofa beds for children, and it is the most central you can get, which makes it a bargain from 54 euros per night.