Barcelona is one of the most famous cities in Spain and the reason is due to its enjoyment of many historical and touristic places and landmarks, in addition to its vital center which is represented in the important and multiple shopping places. The Mediterranean made it a special and special climate and a charming view, especially on the capital of the Catalonia region. There are also many clubs and nightclubs that many visitors and tourists around the world come to spend a fun and entertaining time.
Barcelona also contains many original monuments, which are due to different civilizations, as well as restaurants, cafes and shopping centers, which contain the most beautiful fashion and international designs at prices that suit all groups.

Among the most famous malls and shopping centers in Barcelona:

Primark Mall: It is one of the most famous shopping places in Barcelona, ​​which is attracted by many tourists, because it contains all the requirements that the tourist needs of clothes, cosmetics, and children's toys, and there is a large complex of restaurants that offer a large variety of dishes that suit all tastes. It has a large and private complex for children's entertainment area.

Mall of Mary Magnum: It is one of the largest shopping malls and shopping centers located in Barcelona, ​​where everything required by the visitor other than its quality and appropriate prices is available, there are many luxurious cafes and restaurants that offer the most delicious types of meals, the mall is distinguished by its wonderful location where it was built by the sea to charm visitors with its wonderful views and also has Many beautiful gardens, which tourists relax and enjoy the beauty of its air and fresh air.
It also contains many cinemas, entertainment centers and children's games, therefore large numbers of visitors and tourists, as well as local and international residents, come to enjoy its distinguished services.

La Roca Village Mall: It is one of the largest malls in Barcelona and the largest malls on the European level, as it contains the most luxurious and famous brands that visitors and tourists need, and at reasonable prices, visitors come to it annually from all over the world.
It also features a strategic location close to the city center and near the most famous tourist areas in Barcelona. It contains many of the most luxurious restaurants, as well as cafes and places of relaxation on large green areas in the open air.
There are also cinemas and halls for children, and there are play areas for children and kids area. It also has certain opening times from 10 am to 9 pm.

Horn Outlet Mall: It is one of the famous shopping centers in Barcelona, ​​which attracts many visitors and tourists. It contains many international commercial centers that embrace the best and most famous products that individuals need from clothing, cosmetics and accessories in addition to the large restaurant complex that offers many fast and varied meals.
It has outdoor sessions on greenery to relax and enjoy the fresh air and mild climate.


Labocuria Market: It is one of the famous markets in Barcelona, ​​which specializes in selling vegetables, fruits, and meat. Many individuals and tourists also come to cooks to buy the best fruits and vegetables. This large market is located in the center of La Rambla Street, as tourists come to buy their personal requirements, as it is considered an entertainment marketing center of the year for the year because of its cleanliness and its products Fresh.


La McInnista: It is considered one of the largest shopping centers located on the outskirts of Barcelona and close to the St. Andrew Elfound neighborhood, it contains about 221 shopping centers spread over an area of ​​250,000 square meters and distributed on three floors, and inside it there is a large and huge square hall for restaurants and cafes, in addition to the marketing opportunities it provides for men and women And children, as it has a large store for home appliances and Apple store in addition to libraries and multimedia.
It has two underground garages and metro and bus stations can also easily reach the mall.


Diagonal Mar Mall: One of the largest shopping centers in Barcelona, ​​which is located in the Poblenou neighborhood on the beach, which makes it one of the malls with a privileged location and ideally in addition to the distinctive views.
It also has a large hall for restaurants, in which meals vary from burgers to sushi and Spanish appetizers.

Carrer Portaferesa:It is one of the famous entertainment shopping streets in Barcelona, ​​which is attracted by many tourists, visitors and locals as well. It includes a lot of various stores, from ice cream shops to international clothing stores, and also the famous candy stores, which is famous for this marketing center which is local pastries dipped in Mild chocolate.
Barcelona is also famous for having some fun nightclubs for young people, while the ears enjoy dancing and loud music, among which are the most famous:

Hard Rock Cafe: Which is located at the end of Rambla Street and overlooks Plaza Catalunya, which is one of the famous and most popular clubs in Barcelona attracted by tourists from all over the world. It has two floors and an outdoor terrace that has a large selection of luxury foods and souvenirs from international rock music, but advance reservation is recommended. It has a large bar with a lot of spirits and cocktails of seasonal fruit wines.



Rasmatase: It is one of the most famous clubs and nightclubs located in Barcelona, where it is located in a huge industrial building that was opened in the year 2000 AD divided into five different floors through a maze of corridors, there is a large hall dedicated to dancing to the sound of loud music.
(Sutton): It is one of the exciting nightclubs where it attracts many young people and tourists of different nationalities to stay up to the early hours of the morning dancing and consuming alcoholic drinks, as it offers some varied meals and snacks from the Spanish crackers.